Plum Dunkelweizen


Dunkelweizen is the dark version of the golden-yellow Weissbier or Hefeweizen — the spritzy, creamy Bavarian wheat beer with pronounced clove, banana, vanilla, apple, and sometimes nutmeg flavors.

“Dunkel” means dark in German (as opposed to “Weiss,” which means white) and Weizen means wheat. Like a Hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen is made from a mixed mash of wheat and barley malts. But unlike a Weissbier, it also contains a large array of lightly to thoroughly caramelized or roasted malts that give it both its color and its complexity.

This beer has all the characteristic and differentiated flavors of a sophisticated wheat ale, overlaid with notes of chocolate, toffee, and banana bread. An addition of juicy plums departs from tradition, lending dark fruit flavors and a hint of tartness.

5.5% ABV / Crowler

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