Nordic Nights: Baltic Porter w/ Northern Fruits


British brewers created the Baltic Porter over 200 years ago, but that doesn’t mean this classic beer style is lacking in modern creativity. Today brewers in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia are reinterpreting the style with local ingredients, expanding the palate of this delicious dark lager. Nordic Nights is our homage to the new school Baltic Porter.

Fermented slow and cold, this is a smooth and dangerously drinkable dark beer. Deep mahogany in color, it showcases the full-flavored complexity of the style, leading with rich malt, toffee, and dark fruits (raisin, plum, fig). Its fruity character was then amplified with a generous addition of fruits native to the Baltic region — black currants and boysenberries.

So grab a cold pint of Nordic Nights and keep an eye out for Northern Lights!

7.3% ABV / Crowler

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