Mermaid Parade: Tropical Hazy Session IPA


“In New York this morning; it was 8am L.A. time,
And I could be there by this evening
Said the girl on the airline line.
So I bought that ticket, and I got in that cab,
But I didn’t make it babe
To the airport like that.”

Phosphorescent’s sad song gets sadder from there. But things are looking up, because the 14th annual Mermaid Parade in Marshall, NC was back in full force in 2021. And this Tropical Hazy Session IPA is here to keep the party swimming through the end of summer.

We started with a grain bill of 2-row, flaked wheat, flaked oats, and Carafoam. Fermented with our house Cloud Cover yeast strain to keep it hazy and juicy. Dry-hopped generously with some extra fruity Mosaic and Citra. Then brought a parade of tropical goodness — mango, pineapple, and passion fruit — to complete this festive ensemble.

Cheers to all you King Neptunes and Queen Mermaids out there!

5.0% ABV / 4-pack

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