Mango Sriracha-cha Lager


This beer was born out of a unique partnership among three Western North Carolina companies, with Roots Foods and Riverbend Malt House joining forces with Catawba on the project. One dollar from each pint sold will be donated to the Roots Foundation in support of local educators.

Brewed in Catawba’s Asheville South Slope brewhouse, Mango Sriracha-cha Lager is built on a backbone of 100% Chesapeake Pilsner malt provided by Riverbend. Chesapeake Pilsner is produced using 2-row barley sourced from Virginia. It originally emerged from Riverbend’s custom malt program. Light in color, the malt features a nuanced flavor profile that includes honeysuckle and bread crumb. Given the specialty ingredients that follow, one might even detect notes of pita bread, specifically.

As its name implies, this is no ordinary lager. The beer fermented slow and cold over six weeks, before conditioning on a generous addition of mangos and Japones peppers provided by Roots Foods. The recipe was inspired by the Asian flavors in Roots’ popular Mango Sriracha Hummus. The beer delivers a burst of “sweet heat” layered across bready Pilsner malt undertones. A study in contrasts, the flavor profile is tantalizingly complex without overpowering its smooth, crisp, easy-drinking lager character. The beer pairs beautifully with spicy Asian dishes.

5.8% ABV / Crowler

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