Last Year’s Sports, This Year’s Lager


There’s no denying it. Televised sports have gotten a bit stale in the new year. Sure, we enjoyed seeing the Nationals take home the last World Series title. It was fun watching Tiger put on the green jacket again. And who could forget the Chiefs’ comeback for the ages in Super Bowl LIV? No one could forget it — and that’s kinda the problem. It’s all we’ve been able to watch on the sports channels lately.

Well, we don’t have an announcement about the return of MLB or the NBA. But we do have the freshest “sports beer” in the game these days. “Last Year’s Sports, This Year’s Lager” is an American Lite Lager brewed with Pilsner malts and flaked rice. Pale straw in color and light in body, it features just enough hop character to lend a crisp, clean, well-balanced finish. Highly refreshing and absolutely crushable.  4.6% ABV (crowler)

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