From Brussels With Love: Hoppy Belgian Ale


Belgium’s centuries of brewing have left an indelible mark on our modern craft beer landscape. Historically, no other country has contributed such a diverse range of styles. It’s become commonplace for American brewers to pay homage to classic Belgian beers, including Catawba’s own flagship White Zombie, a Belgian-style Witbier. Likewise, Belgian brewers are now finding inspiration in uniquely American styles. American IPAs have typically been considered too hoppy by Belgian standards, but the global beer market has opened up new flavor profiles to European palates.

Our Hoppy Belgian Ale celebrates a true collaboration between continents that gave birth to this evolving beer style. Pale malts and flaked wheat provide a light unobtrusive backbone for juicy citrus and tropical hop character. Fermentation with our house Belgian Saison yeast strain produces fruity esters that complement the intense aromatics of the hops, producing a complex blend of flavors — From Brussels With Love.

6.3% ABV / Crowler

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