Crisp Hoppy Blonde


For our tastes, the mid-summer beer menu can’t have enough easy-drinkers to combat the heat. If you’re with us on that, then Crisp Hoppy Blonde is arriving right on time to be your new Catawba Small Batch go-to. And this SMASH beer (single malt, single hop) wants you to know that a modern Blonde Ale doesn’t have to be short on flavor, so kindly check your style preconceptions at the door.

German Pilsner malts produce notes of soda cracker with undertones of wild flower honey. Generous dry-hopping with Citra lends complexity with flavors of orange peel and white grapefruit. It then finishes dry, crisp, and downright lager-clean. Good luck trying to drink only one!

6.3% ABV / Crowler

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