Codename: Euro Pilsner


The Codename Series is a line of mysterious R&D beers. They arrive in taprooms under cover of darkness. Proceed to try on multiple disguises as their recipes are perfected. Then emerge into the bright lights (i.e. distribution) when their Small Batch mission is complete.

The 3rd in the series is Codename: Euro Pilsner. We’re told it’s important to know that this beer is “in the house”. And not in a Nineties-era Snoop Dogg kind of way. But in a very literal way that will only make sense later this year. So put on your codebreaker hat, and revisit this cryptic clue at a future date.

Codename: Euro Pilsner is a modern German-style lager brewed with Pilsner malts, moderately hopped with Triumph and Perle, then fermented slow and cold. Crisp, clean, smooth, and easy-drinking with those subtly sweet honey biscuit notes and a European double kiss of citrus-floral hop character.

4.9% ABV / Crowler

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