Cloud Cover: Rising Sun Hazy IPA


The Cloud Cover Series returns to its roots! This super fresh batch of Rising Sun is hazy, intensely hopped, and hugely flavorful. Brace yourself for a deluge of juicy tropical fruit flavors and exotic fresh hop character.

Whirlpool: Citra
Dry-Hop: Amarillo, Citra, Eldorado, Mosaic
Sensory: Apricot, Citrus Peel, Honeydew, Papaya

Rising Sun:
It was the Age of Discovery. The year 1700. Ominous skies over a young coastal town. An autumn hurricane became the first of a series of storms to leave their indelible mark on the Carolinas in the new century. The Atlantic roared unrelentingly until it had swallowed an 800-ton Scottish warship known as the Rising Sun.

7.8% ABV / Crowler

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